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RF Node British Standard (3,5 Wires)
RF Node British Standard (3,5 Wires) RF Node British Standard (3,5 Wires)

RF Node British Standard (3,5 Wires)

This RF node has a standard British Standard Photocell enclosure. The unit comes with 3s or 5 wires configuration where the extra 2 wires are used to communicate with the lighting device (Electronic Ballasts, LED driver etc.) The node is connected to the luminaries through a standard 19mm fitting. Once installed, the node acts as a standard RF node communicating with the LampID concentrator while still has a photocell that acts as a redundancy. In the 5 wires configuration the node has also bidirectional communication to the passive device allowing diming commands and reading status. The node can be a perfect solution for smart control and energy efficient operation of each lamp eliminate scouting and providing accurate energy billing.

The British Standard RF node (3 or 5 wires) has the following features:

  • Online 24/7 communication with LampID concentrator
  • Lamp, ballast, and capacitor failure indication
  • 16 Amps. Relay for various load operation
  • Embedded Power Meter (Voltage, Current, Power factor, power and Energy measurement)
  • Total Load running hours
  • Photo sensor (redundancy in the event of communication lost)
  • DALI/MADLI communication passive devices, Electronic ballast or LED driver (5 wires)

Ordering information:

ND-RF-BS-3W-xx (RF Node  BS, 3 wires)

ND-RF-BS-DA-xx (RF Node, BS, 5 wires DALI interface)

ND-RF-BS-MA-xx (RF Node, BS, 5 wires MADLI interface)

xx: 25- 230V/50Hz, 76- 277V/60Hz, 16-110V/60Hz)



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