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The Menolinx LampID concentrator a state of the art, roust and reliable web based  controller for remote lighting control and energy efficiency nodes.   The LampID concentrator can be integrated into various indoor and outdoor lighting applications, no matter how large or small. The concentrator integrates RF, Power Line Communication (PLC), cellular and wire communication technologies to make it an adaptable solution for various networking topologies. This makes it ideal for providing lighting solutions for malls, industrial plants, warehouses, or even larger areas such as neighborhood street lighting, highways, tunnels, and college campuses. The solution can easily be scaled to cover an entire city or combination of cities as needed.

The LampID Lighting Control System enables you to remotely connect with your devices, communicate with them and have two was communication to each , individual nodes or group of nodes. The LampID system provides a variety of flexible options to meet the full range of lighting control and management needs. Each LampID Concentrator unit can control up to 255 individual nodes, as well as other peripherals such as power meters, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), and other local I/O devices. The LampID system is designed for usage with a variety of end units passive lighting devices such as Ballasts (magnetic and electronic), LED power supplies, Florescent lamps etc.

Ordering information:

LampID RF Concentrator

CN-ET-RF-nnn-20 (Concentrator, RF, 12-24VDC)

CN-GP-RF-nnn-20 (Concentrator, GPRS, RF, 12-24VDC)

CN-RF-RF-EX-nnn-20 (concentrator, Extended RF, 12-24VDC)

CN-GP-RF-EX-nnn-20 (concentrator, GPRS, Extended RF, 12-24VDC)

nnn: Number of nodes in RF: 50,128,239


LampID PLC Concentrator

CN-ET-PL-nnn-20 (Concentrator, PLC, 12-24VDC)

CN-GP-PLC-nnn-20 (concentrator, GPRS, PLC, 12-24VDC)

nnn: Numbe of nodes in PLC: 50,128


LampID Twisted Pair Concentrator

CN-ET-TP-DA-nnn-20 (Concentrator, Twisted Pair, DALI, 12-24VDC)

CN-GP-TP-DA-nnn-20 (Concentrator, Twisted Pair, DALI, 12-24VDC)

nnn: Number of Noded in DALI: 50,128 (extended DALI)

CN-ET-TP-MA-nnn-20 (Concentrator, Twisted Pair, MADLI, 12-24VDC)

CN-GP-TP-MA-nnn-20 (Concentrator,  GPRS, MADLI, Twisted Pair, 12-24VDC)

nnn: Number of Noded in MADLI: 50,128,255



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