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RF Coordinator 2 Parts

RF Coordinator 2 Parts

This RF 2 parts coordinator is a gateway connecting the LampID concentrator with the remote nodes via RF. One part of the coordinator holds the communication module in an IP67 unit while the other holds the power supply and the communication. The coordinator supports all types of RF nodes (RF-Indoor node, RF 2 parts nodes and RF BS nodes.. The unit comes with 2 wires connection to the power supply (12-24VDC) and RS232 cable to connect directly to the LampID RS232 port.  Once installed it can easily locate all the RF nodes in the area, scan them and register them into the LampID system.

The indoor RF indoor coordinator has the following features:

  • Online connectivity between LampID concentrator and RF nodes
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor installation
  • Connectivity to all LampID RF nodes
  • Easy installation and fast rollout
  • Smart fail safe operation in the event of no communication
  • Support up to 239 RF nodes

Ordering information:

CO-RF-2P-20  (RF Coordinator 2 parts,12-24VDC)




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