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Can I connect other devices such as water meters to the network

The Menolinx LampID system is a communication network infrastructure (RF or PLC).

The same network that is used for lighting control can be utilized for metering, parking, surveillance and other.

Menolinx is developing new nodes (for water, gas and electric metering, sewage monitoring, traffic control and other)

Who can install and maintain Menolinx systems ?

The Menolinx LampID is a “plug and light” system. This means that the installation and maintenance can be done by low skill electrical installers.

We do, however, recommend taking our 2 days “LampID basic” training course for better understanding using the various products and tools we are offering.

Which is the best method, RF, PLC or Twisted pair ?

Menolinx support all the three media to communicate between the LampID concentrator and the lamps.

The decision of which communication method to use is basically depended on the following:

- Application (indoor/outdoor)

- Power infrastructure constrains

- Type of installation (new/retrofit).

- Standards



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