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Connectivity is nowadays an important part of our daily life; it is hard to imagine how we can live without access to the data, the internet, sounds and video,

The recent social network revolution connecting people from all over the world is just the first stage of what Menolinx define as connectivity. If we look at it closely, Menolinx is actually building a community of devices that are always connected and report their status to the others (just like people do in a social networks). In a way the Menolinx LampID system is like "Facebook" for devices (such as lamps, meters, electric car charges, etc.).

Menolinx manages controls and optimizes each individual member (node) in the same way that people are communicating. However, in order to build this network, track and operate the system, full monitoring and control capabilities are needed for each individual node. (Weather its lighting, sewage, water, energy grid etc.),

Technologies to connect devices via RF, Cellular and PLC are available today; yet, Menolinx is as of today probably the only company that can really deliver a full proof, secure, reliable and cost effective hybrid (mesh PLC and RF) communication system for connecting and managing virtually unlimited number of end devices.


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