In the coming decades, the world population will be concentrated in urban spaces and cities. Statistics, forecasts and population studies confirm the continuous

migration of population towards cities to find jobs, better access to services and living conditions improvement. The current urban environment is not adapted to this massive migration and new problems will rapidly occur. Among them are security, pollution, transportation systems, water distribution, and, in general, resource management and sharing between inhabitants.

Today, large cities suffer from many problems such as waste or misuse of resources which could be avoided with better and in-time information. For example, one will arrive longtime before the train or the bus arrival because the accurate information was not received in due time. One also could drive for a while before parking his/her car in the city center. Real time information should be made available to optimize time, save energy and make life easier.

This is where the Menolinx robust and reliable communication becomes a real asset. On each and every pole in the city a smart communication LampID node, is installed. This device together with the pole, are basically a communication point and a repeater that act as a strong platform for all the digital cities needs.

The increasing number of people in the city makes the management more and more important, and the Menolinx communication platform may be the carrier for all the operational cities activities among those:


  • Water supply and distribution
  • Sewage and water treatment
  • Traffic management
  • Power distribution
  • Parking management
  • Surveillance and security system
Menolinx - First we light the city then we take it all