Menolinx Indoor lighting control solutions include advanced lighting controller, communication to the fixtures, sensors integration and communication to control center.
The system has the capabilities to create energy profiles for energy savings on each individual bulb or lamps group.


Monitoring and managing the activities of the lamps, Implementing efficient lamps or electronic ballasts, all of these bring the system to be optimal performance that intelligently operates every lamp according to requirements, location, time and standards.

The best way to connect the controller with lamps usually takes into considoration the following factors:

  • Standards
  • power line quality
  • Architectural design
  • The distance between fixtures
  • Fixture type and structure
  • Cost


The table shows different types of end units

Selecting the most appropriate node to be integrated with the fixture is done by trained personnel that know the lighting system and the control system.

The huge savings achieved due to the following factors:

  • Fixture efficiency (using electronic throttles or LED bulbs)
  • Running lights operational requirements
  • Extending the life of the bulbs on and off

Depending on specific application the LampID system saves up to 70% of electricity and maintenance costs with an ROI of 2-3 years, all while providing impressive performance together with what is probably the best lighting control system in the world.