The Menolinx LampID system is a state of the art, yet robust solution for outdoor installations, Menolinx offers various media options to connect with the end device (Twisted Pair, PLC or RF).

Once your outdoor system controls every individual device (lamp, switchbox, sensors etc.) you can be sure that you give your lighting customer the best performance while still control the power consumption of each lamp. You can get  immediate alarm if something goes wrong while still operate each fixture in the most effective and energy efficient way.

The best way to connect the LampID concentrator with the lamp is mainly depended on the following factors:

  • Standards
  • Quality of the power line
  • Architectural design
  • Distance between poles
  • Fixture type and structure
  • Cost
This table summarizes the various types of nodes Menolinx offers for the outdoor market, choosing the right node is an easy process done by skilled individuals that understand the lighting system and the LampID system.

Extended : Power meter (Power, voltage, Current, Power factor, Energy) and a 16 Amp. Relay to operate any load.  Units has a Photocell to operate lamp in case of communication failure.


The fact that Menolinx LampID outdoor system fits all types of lamp allows municipalities to perform easy retrofit of their streetlights.

Depending on the specific application, the system saves up to 60% in the electric bill and maintenance, all with providing much better lighting performance and probably

the best monitor and control capabilities in the world.


LampID outdoor configuration