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Menolinx will retrofit the streetlight of Ashqelon, Israel. System is expecting to save 40% of operation cost.

Bet Dagan, Israel - June 23, 2011- Menolinx Systems Ltd (www.menolinx.com), a global energy efficient and Smart Grid technologies provider, announced today it won a public bid to retrofit 1000 streetlights poles in the city of Ashqelon, Israel.

Ashqelon Municipality was looking for a complete lighting control and energy efficient solution. The Menolinx LampID solution was chosen for this project. Menolinx will provide for this projects a trun-key retrofit solution including: Streetlight management and control software, Switch box control units, Lamps remote PLC/RF communication units and HID Electronic Ballasts.

Menolinx has wide experience in implementing streetlight efficiency, Management and Control, The Menolinx solution is successfully installed in many Israeli Municipalities among them the city of Ashdod, Jerusalem, Maale Adomim, Shoham, Holon, Nes Tziona, Netanya, Rechovot and more.

"In the last few years Menolinx has became the Israeli leader in the streetlight control and energy efficiency field, We truely hope that more municipalities will follow Ashqelon to retrofit their lighting systems, reduce energy consumption and feel the heartbeat of their systems" Said Yehiel Viner, Chief Executive Officer of Menolinx. "The trust we are getting from the marker is defiantly a big incentive for us to develop new top-of-the-line products and technologies in the field of energy efficiency and smart grid".

About Menolinx

Menolinx Systems Ltd. is a global energy efficient and Smart Grid technologies provider.With its unique approach toward lighting management and energy efficiency, Menolinx is probably the only company today who can deliver cost-effective, reliable, easy to use intelligent lighting system  combined with smart grid and digital city functionalities.Menolinx Systems Ltd. offers wide range of products enabling small and large energy consumers to "feel the heartbeat" of their remote devices while constantly improve the energy efficiencies of their system.

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