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Menolinx LampID solutions are compatible with most of the world lighting standards.

For Countries like UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and others that are adopting the British Standards, Menolinx developed a unique patented Plug and Light device.

The device is a Photocell - Radio-Frequency node with NEMA socket that is a "one to one" replacement to a standard Photocell.

This approach is built for easy upgrading luminaries and turns them to be a part of the LampID intelligent digital lighting system.

Just Plug the LampID RF-Photocell node instead a standard Photocell & Light

Replacing the Photocell with LampID RF-PC device has the following advantages:

  • Energy Saving: Operate each lamp according to its functionality using the logic profiles configured in the Menolinx LampID concentrator.
  • Online control : Each lamp is monitored and controlled, each lamp can have different operating profile
  • Lamp Activities monitoring : Totally reducing the need for "scouting"
  • Meter each lamp: Get the power consumption from each lamp along with Power factor, current, voltage and burning hours
  • Photocell redundancy: If the node loses communication, it will work according to an internal photocell.

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