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The LampID (or Lamp idea) system is based on 3 ideas. These ideas continuously studied and optimized:

  • Optimize IT - Light Source Optimization: Menolinx continually searches for the most efficient lamp sources available and integrates them with the LampID product line. However, the system works not only with these efficient lamps but also with all other lamp sources such as HID (with magnetic or electronic ballasts), LED, Fluorescent and others

  • Monitor IT - Shedding Light on System Monitoring: Each Lamp has its unique ID, its behavior over time must be monitored. The lighting power and characteristics of a lamp changes during its life cycle, an efficient lighting system will keep the same lumen performance by managing the power to the lamp. Monitoring the lamp's impedance may tell when a lamp is reaching its "end of life". Using this information Customers may replace lamps before they are out of order. Menolinx is tracking and controlling each lamp on the entire system, the connectivity to the lamps is done by twisted pair, RF or Power Line Communication (PLC), using the most advanced and reliable mesh network technologies.

  • Control IT – Giving the Green Light on Control: Each Lamp should have a lighting operating logic; the Lamp should light according to its function in the system. The ability to dim and turn off each and every lamp in the system allows building energy profiles for each individual lamp or a group of lamps. The LampID platform allows implementing automatic dimming scenarios based on logic, time and sensors resulting tremendous saving in energy costs.


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