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While other companies offer Lighting Control System and/or Smart Grid solutions, Menolinx is probably the only company today that has a combined solution for intelligent streetlights, Smart Grid and Digital Cities,  The Menolinx LampID System has the following advantages over others: Provide Ethernet or cellular GPRS communication to connect with the center.

  • Technology: Developed by using the most advanced technologies in the fields of Lighting, Photometry, IT and networking.
  • Nodes Communication: Supports various communication media to lamps; Radio Frequency (RF), Power Line Communication (PLC) and Twisted pair (TP). Menolinx can also provide hybrid communication.
  • Center Communication: Provides Ethernet or cellular GPRS communication to connect with the center.
  • Lamp Source: Works with all lamp sources such as HID lamps (with magnetic or electronic ballasts), LED lamps, Fluorescents and others.
  • Performance: Not like other systems that are based on AMR technologies, the LampID system is an ON-LINE system. It allows the operator to monitor and control the system continuously.
  • Reliability: Built to last, Products with lifetime of up to 25 years
  • Smart grid: Once installed, the RF mesh network becomes the basis for a smart grid solution that uses the RF network as an infrastructure.
  • Flexibility: Solution may be implemented for both indoor and outdoor systems
  • Open: The system can be connected to a common Management or SCADA system via Modbus TCP allowing full access to the old a new data Streetlights on Earth. A view from the space.


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