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The Menolinx Hosting Services for the LMS LEMS management severs are offered with the focus on providing the customers reliability and performance.

The servers that monitor and control hundreds thousands of lamps are considered mission-critical and the applications are well taken care of by our people, products and processes.

Menolinx Managed Hosting Service includes hosting, data center, network, security and Managed Application services. Supporting those ideas requires a wide range of technologies and platforms.

The services we offer as part of the Lighting management hosting are:

  • LMS-LEMS application maintenance
  • Backup & Recovery Services- protection from natural & manmade disasters. Erroneous deletion and or any unplanned event that could damage your data
  • Online monitoring and control services

The LMS and LEMS application and hosting services we provide are built with the focus on the customer specific requirements supporting small t to large sites. Menolinx understand each customer challenges and deliver solution that is custom tailored to meet its specific business requirement.

The usage of Menolinx LMS/LEMS hosting services gives our client peace of mind knowing their lighting infrastructures are always been monitored, controlled and energy optimized.


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