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Menolinx Systems Ltd. is a worldwide solution provider in the fields of energy efficiency, intelligent street lighting and smart grid. We deliver a wide range of innovative, reliable and field proven products to municipal, industrial, retail, and transportation industries.

Our powerful LampID platform, a control, communication and management system focused on indoor and outdoor lighting, is the culmination of numerous joint effort projects with world class leaders in the fields of lighting, photometry, RF, Power Line Communication, Mesh networking and energy management.

The LampID system can be implemented either as an upgrade/retrofit or new lighting solution resulting in the reduction of energy and maintenance costs by between 30-70%.

Our approach is based on the belief that each lamp should be optimized, monitored and controlled to deliver maximum benefits. This is achieved through intelligent two-way communication and as such, Menolinx offers various ways to connect lamps or other devices to the system (Radio Frequency, PLC and Twisted pair).

The 2 easy steps to implement Menolinx smart grid solution are:

  • Upgrade/Retrofit the lighting system with individual connectivity to lamps. The immediate result is 30-50% energy saving and full monitoring and control capabilities.
  • Use the Menolinx lighting control infrastructure (RF mesh and/or PLC) to easily connect all other sensors, meters and devices needed for smart grid and digital city.

Menolinx LampID System:

  • Reduces energy costs by 30-70%
  • Developed using the most advanced technologies in the fields of Lighting, Photometry, IT and Networking
  • Works with all lamp sources such as HID lamps (with magnetic or electronic ballasts), LED lamps, Fluorescents and others.
  • Easy integration of the lighting management system with all other existing systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and BMS (Building Management System)
  • Supports multiple communication methods
  • Provide 24/7 online monitoring and control
  • Immediate Online tow way communication to allow monitoring and control of each and every node on the network
  • Dramatically reduce the maintenance cost and the cost of ownership
  • Secured communication and data management
  • Can be implemented for use with both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Provides foundation for smart grid solution


Menolinx LampID “Plug and Light” Platform delivers new dimension in configuration simplicity, fast installation, easy maintenance and operation.


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