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Menolinx offers Solutions for digital lighting, Smart Grid and digital cities; these solutions are in fact products (tools and components) for fast deployment and easy maintenance.

Menolinx products are mainly for control, communication and management of remote sites/units/node (such as meters, lamps, electric car chargers etc.)

Menolinx also sells other products manufactured by its partners. These products are usually passive devices (LED luminaires, Electronic ballasts, smart meters etc.) connected to the Menolinx end unit.

Menolinx is currently concentrated on the lighting industry, allowing its customers to build a network of lighting nodes and connect them to concentrators, controllers and/or main centers.

The Products Menolinx offers are basically targeted for indoor and outdoor installations.

The following are the products Menolinx offers today:

  • Efficient lamp (or electronic ballast): A lighting device such as HID lamp with electronic ballast or LED fixture
  • RF or PLC nodes A LampID node that communicate via RF or PLC from the end device to the concentrator
  • Concentrators: Each LampID concentrator manages controls and operates up to 255 nodes
  • Lighting management software Lighting system remote monitoring, control, reports and data access

Menolinx nodes are fully integrated with all lamp sources technologies to enabling monitoring and control (including dimming) capabilities.