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Power Line Communication (PLC) is an easy way to establish communication between the LampID concentrator and the nodes.

For using the power lines to transmit data a smart PLC modem should be installed on each node (PLC node). The PLC node communicates with the end device (such as electronic ballast) via serial protocol while keeping an online connection with the LampID concentrator using the power cables. The node communicates simultaneously with the Concentrator via the power lines.

Not like other PLC systems that are usually built for AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) The Menolinx LampID solution is a actually a complete monitoring and control system that must be very reliable.

Each PLC node in the Menolinx system is acting as a router increasing the signal and allowing multi hopping and a very reliable solution.

Some of the Menolinx LampID PLC features are:

  • Light and efficient
  • Very easy plug and play configuration
  • Secure networking
  • Up to 120 nodes per PLC network
  • Support simultaneously running in two or more independent networks
  • Compliance with all relevant international standards



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