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LampID Topology

The Menolinx LampID network topology is built upon three layers:

  • End Device (LampID Unit - node): The end device is usually the field device that is operated and/or monitored remotely. This device can be a lamp, a valve, meter or other. LampID node is usually connected to the end device, controls and monitors its operation. The node is constantly reading the data from the end device; the LampID concentrator reads this data from the node and sends it to the center. The communication between the node (layer1) and the concentrator (layer 2) is via RF, PLC or twisted pair.
  • Concentrator (LampID Concentrator)The concentrator is a smart web based programmable controller that controls via communication up to 250 end devices (nodes). The communication between the concentrator (Layer 2) and the center (layer 3) is via Cellular, Ethernet, WIFI, WIMAX and satellite.
  • Center (LampID Control Center) The Control center monitors and control many thousands of Concentrators, providing all the necessary tools to manage large infrastructure system.


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